Canning – 101

Let me start by warning you, I’m a novice caner.  I’ve only been canning for a few years now. I…

Puppy Starter Package

All puppies need a few things. A bowl for food and one for water, and treats to help train them are standard along with a leash for walking. But what kind of treats and what size bowl?

Grilled Cabbage Recipe

Whether or not this is a healthy grilled cabbage recipe is up for debate in our home. I say because it is a leafy green, its seasoned, and tastes great its healthy. My husband argues it has bacon bits so it’s unhealthy. The choice is yours, either way we both agree this was surprisingly good.

Iced Coffee Recipe

In the summer I love iced coffee, but I hate the price so I’ve found a few ways to make my own. I’ve also asked my wonderful readers to share some of their favorite iced coffee recipes.

One Cat’s Kielbasi Sundae Recipe

Making something creative for dinner usually takes a bit of time, this is one recipe that doesn’t. My whole family loved our Kielbasi Sundae’s, and they are very quick and easy. It’s also alot of fun to make.

My August Preparedness List

Originally when I thought of writing my August Preparedness List I was thinking of 90+ degree days and dealing with the heat and back to school, but with the Wacky Weather were currently experiencing this has changed.

The Cheshire Cat’s Cottage Cheese N Dill Bread Recipe

The other day I found an awesome deal on Cottage Cheese, then when I got home I remembered I’m the only one who really likes it. However I knew I could use it in a bread. So I looked at a few recipe’s got some ideas and tada, The Cheshire Cat’s Cottage Cheese N Dill Bread Recipe was born.