Dogs: Choosing the Right Breed for Your Family

Dogs-Choosing-the-Right-Breed-for-Your-FamilyWhen looking into a pet, it’s important to know what your getting into. This includes the cost, training, space, and choosing the right breed for your family of whatever animal that is.  Since we were looking into getting a dog, I’d like to share what we looked at. I’ve had dogs most of my life, so I am aware of the time it takes to care for one each day.  However this is our first dog since having our son, and when you include children, things change.

Size of the Breed:

My son does not like small dogs and they generally are not as good with children.  However with a big dog, comes the size of a large dog laying on your floors around the house. It may sound well and good but when your already tripping over toys, it is something to think about.

Those puppy’s sure are cute and small, but remember they grow up quick!

Energy Level:

Many dogs are high energy, like a Labrador or a German Pointer. This means you will need to spend hours playing with and working the dog.

A quick search on Youtube or any search engine will show you low energy dogs, what each breed is typically used for (ie Hunting, Herding, Racing) and if they are good with children.


Apart from food, vet bills, and start up costs like a fence there is a breed issue.  Pure bred dogs tend to be over-bred and have more health issues than a mutt (mixed breed).  While looking at breeds were looking at  their energy levels (how much exercise they will need) and temperament (how well they get along with children, new people…)


  • A mixed breed or mutt tends to be healthier.
  • An older dog, who’s already housebroken may be easier if you have children your already cleaning up after.
  • Look into breeds to see what your getting, and talk to your family.




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