Iced Coffee Recipe

Iced Coffee Recipe

If your reading this, you probably love coffee.  Who doesn’t?  In the summer I love iced coffee, but I hate the price so I’ve found a few ways to make my own.  I’ve also asked my wonderful readers to share some of their favorite iced coffee recipes.

The most basic is coffee with ice.  However I find that too weak.

Here’s my normal Iced Coffee recipe:

  • I make a 10 cup pot of coffee using enough grounds for 14 cups.  This makes it nice and strong.  I like to use flavored coffee if I have any, usually french vanilla.
  • As soon as the pot is done I turn it off and let it cool, then refrigerate.
  • When ready for your cup iced coffee, I put in the ice first, I like crushed but cubed is fine too.
  • Then I add sugar on top of the ice.
  • I add half and half, If I am making a flavored coffee and have that flavor creamer I use that.  If not you can use vanilla from your baking cupboard, or those flavored syrups (Just don’t get sugar free, they usually have aspartame.)
  • Then I add the coffee, stir and if need be add more of the above.

When I get the time here are some other things I do to spruce it up

  • I make espresso and refrigerate that instead of the coffee
  • Add Chocolate Syrup to the cup – Iced Mocha Coffee
  • Add some protein powder or whey
  • make my own ice cubes from the coffee or espresso

A few tasty sounding iced drink recipe’s from you!

  • use vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and two shots of cold coffee to make my own mocha java chiller.
  • freshly squeezed key limes, plus tangerine over shaved ice and fresh mint
  • I like to make lemonade ice cubes and use them in my sweet tea
  • Coffee and chocolate syrup with ice blended.
  • brewing chicory coffee and pouring it over ice and adding nonfat milk
  • use frozen blueberries,fresh fruit and juice in the blender for a frosty treat.
  • use frozen berries pureed in a Magic Bullet with a scoop of protein powder.


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