My August Preparedness List


Originally when I thought of writing my August Preparedness List I was thinking of 90+ degree days and dealing with the heat and back to school, but with the Wacky Weather were currently experiencing this has changed. 

Back to School Preparedness:

  • Your children’s know the way to and from school and what to do if the vehicle breaks down or any other traveling emergency
  • Your child knows your phone number
  • With school’s going on lock-down and all the other emergencies, everyone knows what to do
  • Everyone is on school schedule – getting up and ready in time in particular
  • Your child knows what to do if they arrive home and you are not there
  • As a parent what will you do with your free time?

Vehicle Preparedness:

  • You have enough gas to get to wherever you might need to go, for me this means never parking with less than half a tank of gas.
  • Check your oil including when it’s due
  • While your there check your washer fluid and break fluid levels, they should be up to the fill line.
  • Check your tire pressure
  • Make sure you have emergency blankets for each person you might have
  • Make sure your lights work, I know were supposed to do it each time we go out but most of us don’t.

Home Preparedness:

  • You have whatever kinds of fuel you need to heat your home, ideally enough to last you the entire winter
  • Your prepared if you loose electricity
  • Check chimneys
  • Trim any trees that need it, especially those near your home and driveway
  • Check your fire extinguisher’s are fully charged and up to date
  • Make sure your fire detectors work and your family knows what to do if there is a fire.
  • Make sure your emergency contacts are up to date and your children know where to find them

What’s your biggest concern right now?



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